Z-Search believes that research is one of the basics of scientific method; a means for scientists to examine and understand the world around us. Hypotheses are proposed, research is initiated, facts are recorded, conclusions are reached, and scientific law is the outcome!

Steps Of The Scientific Process

1) Setting a Goal

Research in all disciplines and subjects, not just science, must begin with a clearly defined goal. This usually, but not always, takes the form of a hypothesis. All of us at Z-Search believe that science will shape our tomorrow! As we begin to understand the human genome and genetics as a whole, it is clear that the human flaws we are born with are not beyond our realm of control. For many the natural response to stimuli that they do not understand is fear, which leads to anger. This is deeply encoded into our genome. These are left over animal instincts from our Neanderthal forefathers. But we are animals no longer, and it is our responsibility to become fully human. We must use our minds and our science to become the best version of ourselves that we can be, to create a better, brighter, and happier tomorrow!


2) Interpretation of The Results

Z-Search scientists have observed clear connections between emotional response and genetics. (For more information see Experiments) Using a malign virus designed to deliver small modifications to human DNA we have been able to relieve men and women of their depression, anxiety, and fears. Imagine a new you! Free from the emotions that control your response to every situation you encounter. In times like these, Z-Search knows that even stepping out your front door can be a monumental task. We’ve imagined a new you, and now we’re making it possible.


3) Replication and Gradual Accumulation

But how has Z-Search managed to make sense of such a grandiose human design? Using scientists and labs from across the globe, we have taken the seemingly insurmountable task of human genetics head on, by breaking it down into easily testable pieces. We keep precise records and follow a clear procedure so that the experiment can be replicated and the results verified. Planning and designing the experimental method, is an important part of our project and revolves around answering specific predictions and questions laid out by our researchers. This attention to detail has allowed exact duplication and verification by independent researchers, ensuring that the results will be accepted around the world.


4) Conclusion

Z-Search uses scientific method to generate hypotheses and provide analyzable results. All scientific research has a goal and ultimate aim. Z-Search seeks a better world tomorrow, through a happier you today. Join our revolutionary genetic research. Join us in the work to create a better you. Only through repeated and refined experimentation will we reach a full and simple answer.

Your results could be the key to unlocking the truth and finding out about the processes that drive the universe around us. Here at Z-Search, we believe that through greater understanding we can bring a brighter future to you and the world, today!