Z-Search experiments are noninvasive procedures that target specific segments of your DNA. A simple shot can deliver the genetic code you need, just where you need it!

Social Experiments

The Milgram Experiment

This experiment was the brainchild of 28-year-old Stanley Milgram. The Milgram Experiment lead to profound revisions in some of the fundamental assumptions about human nature.

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The subjects believed they were part of an experiment supposedly dealing with the relationship between punishment and learning. A Z-Search scientist instructed participants to shock a "learner" by pressing a lever on a machine each time the learner made a mistake on a word-matching task. Each subsequent error led to an increase in the intensity of the shock in 15-volt increments, from 15 to 450 volts.

In actuality, the shock box was a prop and the learner an actor who did not actually get shocked! The result: A majority of the subjects continued to obey to the end—believing they were delivering 450 volt shocks—simply because the experimenter commanded them to!

This experiment demonstrates that ordinary individuals can be induced to act destructively even in the absence of physical coercion. While we would like to believe that when confronted with a moral dilemma we will act as our conscience dictates, this obedience experiment teaches us that in a concrete situation with powerful social constraints, our moral sense can easily be trampled.

Are You Being Watched?

In this day and age, online privacy is a major concern for everyone. It's a fact - over 85% of personal computers worldwide are being monitored by government agencies, banks, corporations, and private institutions. They monitor and log your internet searches, personal e-mails, most visited websites, bank account activity, and much more!

Z-Search has created an exciting free online evaluation tool, to determine whether or not you are being "watched". Your computer will be scanned for any spyware and malware installed by a third party. You will then be given the option to forward this information to your senator and sign a petition to ban illegal espionage on all private machines and servers! You will also be given the option to use our Metadata and Cookie Remover Tool.

Give it a try! It's fast, simple, and free!

Medicinal Experiments

Neuropeptide Y (NPY) gene: Impact on emotional processing and anxious depression

Neuropeptide Y

Neuropeptide Y (NPY) has been found to play a role in both anxiety and depression. Thus, NPY is a promising candidate in the investigation of the clinical phenotype of “anxious depression”.
To date, 5 varieties of the NPY gene have been investigated for an influence on antidepressant treatment in 256 patients with depression. Additionally, the NPY gene’s impact on amygdala activation during facial emotion processing was analyzed in a subsample of 35 depressed patients.
Our present results point towards the influence of the NPY gene as the main factor in the treatment of antidepressant response and anxious depression. This treatment will change you, by changing the way you respond to situations.  You can become that person you’ve always wanted to be.  Z-Search is making it possible.  Sign up for one of our clinical trials today!

Viral Genetic Delivery

Z-Search Virus

Our scientists discovered this method by rethinking the best delivery system the natural world has to offer: the virus. Viruses are usually used to deliver something bad, like a cold. But here at Z-search we have designed a safe virus with one simple and beneficial purpose: to deliver life changing genetic material. Viruses are good at injecting their DNA payload into human cells and reproducing it. By adding the desired DNA to the DNA of non-pathogenic virus, a small amount of virus will reproduce the desired DNA and spread it all over the body. A microscopic delivery system to create a new you!

Z-Search Virus

Your results could be the key to unlocking the truth and finding out about the processes that drive the universe around us. Here at Z-Search, we believe that through greater understanding we can bring a brighter future to you and the world, today!